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for Walmart

RFID Benefits

Omni Channel is enabled

Operational Efficiency

Less Out-of-Stock Items

Better Decision Making

Reduced Human Error

Increased Sales

Timely Data

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RFID Tagging Guidelines

Walmart requires vendors to use the ARC protocol to select inlays, determine placement, and test tags. Inlay selection is based on a given product’s department and subcategories. Tag placement is determined by a product’s specific construction, components, packaging and the readability of the RFID tag on the product. ARC test labs certify the compatibility of the tag to the product.


ARC general guidelines on RFID tag placement HERE

Placement is based on specific products and the readability of the RFID
tag on the product. Need help ensuring the right tag and location for your products?

Inlay Selections

Choose the RFID LABEL that best fits your product and meets your required ARC spec.

These label options represent the most common sizes and formats used by Walmart.

If you are unsure which label to choose, get in touch with our experts.

Request Quote

REQUEST QUOTE FORM Please fill out your company information, inlay specs and projected annual forecast.

Our RFID experts will review your submitted form and reach out if more information is required.

Your quote and sample order form will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Sample Submission

Walmart requires submitting samples to Auburn University’s ARC Lab for certification before bulk production

After receiving your B&G samples you are ready for submission.

You will need 5 label samples, 6 images, 1 video and the digital submission form.

Once submitted, print the PDF confirmation and ship your label samples to the Auburn RFID Lab.

Production Orders


Your submitted labels have been approved by ARC.

You are ready to place your order.

CLICK HERE to connect with one of our RFID experts to proceed with your order.