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RFID In-Plant Printing with B&G

B&G enables you to Print and Encode blank RFID tags with our global cloud-based print application. We manage the serialization and templates, so you can focus on printing the RFID labels you need at the moment you need them.

Reduced Lead Time

On Demand Print provides what you need, when you need and where you need it. Take RFID lead times from weeks to minutes.


We support you as you grow. All RFID template modifications are part of our service.

Data Integrity

We manage the serialization and program each template using the exact protocol your program needs for each RFID tag you print.

Quality Control

Every RFID label is inspected at the time it is printed and we offer you additional options to record every single EPC.

Complete Support

Our data team works with you in real time to maintain your RFID templates as needed.

Auto Application / Encoding

B&G works with you and our Applicator Integrators to provide lines that auto apply pre encoded labels or even Print/Encode, Inspect/Reject and apply RFID right on your production line.

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Each factory has unique needs.B&G works with you to identify the key criteria to help you make the rigth choice for your In-Plant printing.





Support Omnni-Channel with RFID

Inventory Management

Quickly capture
on-hand stock using
hand held or fixed readers.

Data Integrity

Follow products throughout your supply chain without barcodes.  Every item has a unique ID to allow for effective tracking.

Shoplifting Control

Our data team works with you
in real time to maintain your RFID
templates as needed.

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