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Polybags for Retail P.O.P

Polyethylene (PE) Polybags are a versatile and sustainable packaging solution for your product and branding needs. PE material can contain up to 100% recycled content. They are also recyclable, reusable  and can be repurposed and easy storage for future projects.  B&G offers a variety of sizes, closures and thicknesses for your packaging needs.



B&G uses Polyethylene material for our polybags, since it is more readily recyclable, protective and sustainable. Our polybags can also be made with Post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled material. The higher the percentage of recycled material will determine the opacity or
transparency of the bag.

PE Bags Features

  • Flat or Gusseted 

  • Various methods of closure:
    grip lock and heat sealed

  • Hook options: peg hole, embedded hook and J hook  

  • Printable in multiple colors

  • Resealable bags can be resused 

Improves Retail Display

  • Clean multi-color printing 
  • Brand presentation
  • Clear product features and call outs  
  • Polybags will not burst like traditional cellophane polybags.



Benefits of Polybag Packaging


Polybags can be melted down and reprocessed into new materials, using them diminishes new plastic production demands.

Cost- Effective

In most cases Recyclable/Resealable PE bags are an economical option to cellophane bags with header cards. The polybags have a lower production costs and are lightweight for lower shipping costs.

Wide Range of Uses

Polybags are used in just about every industry. Polybags are available in multiple sizes, thicknesses, and styles.


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