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RFID Labels and Hangtags

B&G will integrate the RFID inlay directly into your current packaging.


Integrated Hang Tags

B&G integrates RFID into your hangtags to minimize impact on your current packaging.

Integrated Primary Labels

B&G converts and prints primary labels, we can integrate Encoded RFID into your primary labels so that you can apply them just as you do today, often with the same application equipment.

Pre – Labeled Packaging

B&G also produces packaging.  We can supply you with belly bands, card stock, folding carton, set up box or poly bag packaging with RFID labels already applied.



Hard to Tag Items

B&G has decades of experience source tagging products that are hard to tag such as metals and liquids.


Metal Packaging

B&G offers printed and encoded specialty “On-Metal” labels which work on metal packaging such as paint cans, foil pouches and foil printed packaging.

Metal Products

B&G offers printed and encoded specialty “On-Metal” labels which work on metal products such as golf clubs, aluminum bats, poles and tools.

Liquid Products

B&G offers printed and encoded specialty “On – Liquid” labels which work on liquids such as detergent, cleaners,perfume and much more .



B&G Specializes in Custom Shapes Hangtags & Labels

High-Speed RFID 
Label & Hang Tags 

Cutting Machine.

B&G’s new RFID label custom cutting machines adopt the latest technology to
provide efficient production and faster lead- times for drop-in labels.





Watch The High-Speed Cutter in Action!


Support Omnni-Channel with RFID

Inventory Management

Quickly capture
on-hand stock using
hand held or fixed readers.

Asset Tracking

Follow products throughout your supply chain without barcodes.  Every item has a unique ID to allow for effective tracking.

Shoplifting Control

Capture movement of goods in real time to supplement or even replace
Anti-Theft systems.

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