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Belt Hangers

B&G invented belt hangers and continues to be the primary source worldwide. We have been successful in creating an organized and efficient method of merchandising belts.

In addition to showcasing your brand and building brand identity, the belt hanger provides a space to call out the belt size and other special features in order to make product selection fast and easy at the point of sale.

Eyewear Hangers

B&G makes specialized creative hangers for displaying and securing reading glasses and sunglasses. We design the hangers with the option to integrate EAS labels for optimal product protection.

Hair Cards

Displaying headbands and hair products requires creativity to develop a perfect type of packaging. The product needs to look great and keep the variety of pins, bows, and clips organized. B&G has many years of expertise in merchandising hair products. As a result, we are a major producer of hair packaging.

Jewelry Cards

B&G is one of the leading producers of  jewelry cards. Our jewelry card capability spans printed paper/cardboard cards, laminated plastic cards, and extruded polypropylene cards. These cards can be molded into different shapes with a variety of textures to enhance the overall presentation of the product. The cards can also be integrated with a variety of EAS and RF devices that aid in loss prevention and inventory management.

LabelS & Tags

B&G’s print production and design facilities produce high-quality tags, labels, booklets, and a broad range of printed products. We supply apparel and accessories industries in our Hong Kong and China Factories. Using state-of-the-art equipment gives us the ability to produce these items effectively and at a reasonable cost.

Scarf Hangers

Scarves come in a variety of sizes and weights. Over the years, B&G has developed hangers to accommodate every possibility. We also continue to work with retailers and vendors, as new, fresh ideas are required.

Shoe Hangers

Hanging shoes has become the preferred display method at many major retailers. B&G works closely with retailers and vendors to ensure optimal product presentation and brand visibility. We customize our hangers to the retailer’s needs, offering unique effective merchandising solutions.

Suspender & Tie Hangers

B&G offers a range of options for the display and protection of neckwear and suspenders at the point of sale. We have also developed locking tie hangers that help protect ties from pilferage and solve difficult housekeeping problems. We also offer an assortment of suspender hangers that enable creative yet functional product presentations. Suspenders are an important segment of the accessories market and we make hangers and display cards for all of them.

Wallet Hangers

B&G produces a range of options for merchandising and displaying wallets on the selling floor. We make boxes in cardboard and plastic and a combination of both. In addition, we have created innovative solutions that display and protect wallets from pilferage by locking them into position while still allowing customers to handle and examine them. We have also developed a series of clips to aid in hanging wallets packaged in cardboard and tin boxes for better presentation.