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Inventory shrink can be one of the biggest challenges to face a retailer. How does a storefront effectively secure its inventory without interfering too greatly with its customers’ experience? One of the most valuable solutions available to a storefront is an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft tag system.  An EAS system is a visible deterrent to shoplifting and are designed to immediately alert store personnel to potential shoplifting activity.

EAS theft-deterrent technology uses electronic antennas and tags to monitor merchandise on the premises and alert store personnel and the shoplifter when an item has crossed the threshold of a store exit without authorization.

For customers making purchases, most EAS tags automatically deactivate using a deactivator. These are “soft tags.” Soft tags are often applied by manufacturers at the time of production which is the most effective way to deliver EAS.  This is called “source tagging.”  Some systems use “hard tags” which the store associate must detach the tag from the merchandise.  EAS is designed to deter theft by keeping honest people honest through a gentle reminder that the store is monitoring shoplifting attempts.

Further advantages of EAS systems include:

-Lowers Threat Occurrences

Analysis has shown that EAS anti-theft tags, just by being visible, deter theft. While the mere physical appearance of anti-theft tags is not enough to deter shoplifting, it is a critical part of the system and plays a role in any effort to minimize theft.

-Easy to Use

EAS systems are very easy to implement. They are easy for employees to activate and attach to merchandise, and easy to detach when customers make a purchase. Conversely, they are difficult for potential shoplifters to detach or deactivate.

-Creates Greater Accessibility to Goods

Locking merchandise down or placing it behind a counter impedes access to the goods which cuts sales in half or worse. Locked up merchandise also demands more store associate time.  EAS systems afford customers the ability to touch, feel, and examine merchandise closely. That accessibility ultimately increases sales, which is the goal of any storefront. EAS systems help to achieve that goal while minimizing the threat of shoplifting.  EAS reduces store associate labor.

-Increases Safety and Customer Service

A sales staff’s priority should be providing care and attention to shoppers. EAS systems allow staff to concentrate on customers and prevent them from having to double as a security team. Hostile interactions between customers and staff are also greatly reduced creating a safer environment for all.

Trusted Supplier of EAS Systems

B&G International has been supplying EAS systems to top retailers in the country such as Macy’s, Walmart, Target, Lowes, The Home Depot, Auto Zone, CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger for years. Let them show you how an EAS system, properly implemented, can help retailers of any size reduce inventory shrinkage, boost sales, and improve the customer experience easily and affordably. Call (973) 824-9220 or get in touch through our contact page to schedule a free consultation today.