RFID enables Omni-Channel retailing and keeps the right product in front of your customer. B&G delivers RFID with world class customization, speed and accuracy at scale. We integrate any inlay into custom RFID sew-in or hangtags using our own  state of the art factories.

Integrated Shoe Hang Tag

Integrated Tie Hang tag

RFID Sticker Exploded View

Wonder Nation Hang Tag

Wonder Nation Hang Tag Exploded View

RFID Sticker on a Suspender Hanger

RFID Sticker on a George Wallet

RFID Sticker on 3D Glasses

RFID Sticker on Shoe Hangtags

Our RFID Machines provide a quick, flexible, and reliable electronic means to detect, identify, track, and hence manage a variety of items.  B&G RFID technology uses radio waves, smart tickets can be read through dirt, paint, and many non-metallic objects. RFID smart tickets feature anti-collision technology, which lets you scan and identify several objects simultaneously.

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