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Quality Assurance

B&G invented belt hangers and continues to be the primary source worldwide. We have been successful in creating an organized and efficient method of merchandising belts.

In addition to showcasing your brand and building brand identity, the belt hanger provides a space to call out the belt size and other special features in order to make product selection fast and easy at the point of sale.


B&G’s print production facilities encompass a broad range of state of the art equipment that gives us the ability to produce print projects at the highest quality at realistic costs. We employ International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifications and requirements in our management process and documentation. In addition, we are certified by Graphic Measures International. GMI brings science to the art of global packaging and is specified by major retailers.

We provide both digital and actual press samples to ensure correct color accuracy and stock requirements. Our design and production of cardboard, plastic and the combination of both types of boxes is an especially strong category for us.


B&G’s International molding facilities produce every conceivable kind of accessories hanger, EAS and RFID integrated molded tags and loss prevention product solutions. Our process is part of a successful structure that employs a straightforward ethic — GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Striving to communicate the correct information to our factories ensures your specifications and expectations are met.

We run over 100 molding machines and 135 specialized machines for hot stamping, pad printing (6 colors in line), transfer and screen printing, giving us a production capacity of over 2,000,000 units per day. Since all production is in-house, the result is a reduced development schedule that lowers production costs and speeds product to market. We are then able to pass cost savings on to our customers. We also continue to develop very specialized solutions for a wide range of applications.

Barcode & RFID

Speed and accuracy are paramount in producing ticketing and RFID inlays. Our process ensures quality results by employing a dual method of inspecting every ticket to meet the highest standards.

We also verify every ticket and send proofs for customer approval. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to ticketing.